For Buyers:

InspiredFun was created to allow people to enjoy shopping for unique and custom designed products, and to help support small business owners. While there are other popular marketplaces out there, we do not charge endless transaction and listing fees causing prices to go up. This saves you money! Shop now!

For Sellers:

We wanted a way to help people launch their products online, and get them out to fabulous shoppers interested in truly home grown products. While not every product is 100% hand made (we recognize the need for fulfillment assistant at times), it IS custom designed – and that’s what people love. InspiredFun wants to show off your creativity, WITHOUT the endless fees that take away from your profits.

Learn more about becoming a seller – Details coming soon! We are currently accepting sellers on an invite only basis just for the time being. If you would like to become a seller and this comment is still here, please submit a support ticket (linked at the bottom of any page) to inquire.