Welcome to Inspired Fun - The Low Cost Marketplace To Selling Your Products Online - Without All The Extra Fees!

Inspired fun is a marketplace that was created to help lower the costs typically associated with the 'popular' marketplaces.

Why choose InspiredFun as a buyer?

So many have become yet another place to sell products that are bought from overseas... which is totally fine! However, the "handmade" and "custom made" features on other platforms aren't so handmade or custom made anymore. On top of that, because others charge such high fees and commissions to the sellers, the sellers are forced to raise their prices just to be able to cover these costs - which flows back to you, the consumer.

We decided to change that!  We WANT you to find handmade, home made and custom products here. Of course some custom products are partly sourced elsewhere (i.e., mugs), however, they CAN be customized to you.

Why choose InspiredFun as a seller?

After our own experiences of paying high fees either for commissions to the sites, or high transaction fees (on top of transaction fees for processing the orders)... or % fees on top of shipping, and monthly or annual fees for software (Or a combination of these!), we decided we'd had enough!

It was time to STOP making it out of reach for people to sell their products, and make it fun again.

You won't pay any % on any transaction fees on top of what your payment processor charges, we don't charge % fees on shipping, or any monthly fees.  Let's face it, fees can add up really fast.

At InspiredFun, we simply charge a flat $1.25 per sale.


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