Adjustable Sterling Silver Wide Band Wrap Ring with Star Diopside Gemstone
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Adjustable Sterling Silver Wide Band Wrap Ring with Star Diopside Gemstone
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This handmade wide band ring has a rustic texture and cradles a star diopside which makes a good connection to the earth, and vibrates strongly within the base and earth chakras, and is an excellent spiritual grounding stone. Slip this handmade silver ring on your finger and you won’t have to worry about ever taking this versatile jewelry piece off as you transition from daytime errands to nighttime cocktails.

This unique handcrafted wide band ring is made with sterling silver (.960) – giving the wearer the durability of sterling silver (.925) and the stunning luster of a fine silver (.999). It is also slightly adjustable for those hot days.

• Sterling Silver (.960) Ring
• Size 8 (adjustable within about a half size)
• Please do not stretch ring a full size – sterling is soft and could break


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Wide band ring, silver ring, handmade ring, handcrafted ring, artisan ring, pearl ring, Gemstone Ring, Star Diopside Ring
Aries Artistic Jewelry
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Aries Artistic Jewelry
State / Province
New Jersey   Red Bank
United States

Whether it’s a sterling silver necklace, rustic artisan ring or earrings with a boho flair you can be assured that it is an individually handcrafted piece of artisan jewelry made by me in my New Jersey-based home studio. My jewelry is natural and organic… inspired by walks in the woods with my dog, admiring all the shapes and textures earth has to offer. People look at nature with their souls and accept it without wanting to change it. We should do the same with ourselves and be comfortable with ourselves. Over the years, I’ve slowly learned to be confident in myself "as is” and I created Aries Artistic Jewelry as a connection between woman and nature… keeping in mind the goal of encouraging women to embrace who they are and be self-assured as they carve their paths through life.

My primary medium is silver metal clay. Simply, metal clay is fine silver particles suspended in an organic binder and water. Like in pottery, it can be formed, textured and fired leaving the original form in pure or sterling silver. I was drawn to its versatility because it allows me the flexibility to translate the many depths of the outdoors into wearable dimensional sculpture. Whether painting it on leaves found out in the woods, using it in a syringe to hand draw flowers and other natural elements or sculpting shadow boxes to hold gemstones, metal clay allows for my free-flowing style. Finally, my signature scratched matte finish makes the silver look both soft and unique – organic and upscale with a touch of bohemian. True beauty is being unapologetically you and I want women to celebrate this and be comfortable wearing my unique designs knowing they evoke a feeling of warmth and empowerment.



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